About Blue Barn Ink

Blue Barn Ink was created to celebrate the art of hand drawn letters. In this form of art, words come together to communicate a message packed with a positive inspiring punch. Different materials harmonize to make a one of a kind creation. Careful thought and creativity is used to make each individual piece stand on its own. These personalized items bring back the beauty of the handwritten letter of long ago.

About the Artist

An absolute sucker for buttons and all things paper, these little creations are entirely handmade and one of a kind works of art by Kristina Michelle. (That’s me, it is wonderful to meet you!) Blue Barn Ink is a handmade paper goods company where you can find creative cards, tags and hand lettering for any occasion.

All of these original pieces are a reflection of my romantic vintage love. I find beauty in simplicity, in color, and simply everyday life. Created with extreme love and care, these handmade designs are just those little things, that were meant for someone to cherish, or simply just to look at.

With an extreme (okay, more than extreme) passion for hand lettering and gift giving, I wanted to share my deep love and paper obsession with all of you. With such amazing support from my family I decided to create this site where I can bring back the simple “handwritten” card or sign, having it packed with warmth and thoughtfulness to make such heartwarming and sincere gifts. Something that comes from the hand comes from the heart and crafting keeps traditional skills alive which I personally believe.

Throughout my site you will find a variety of cards, tags, and hand lettering, all handmade and created by me. Personal orders can be accommodated via email. Just contact me with your individual needs, or just to say hello! I’d love your comments and feedback!